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Arizona State University Dance Team performing their hip-hop routine for 2014. GCDA’s dance instruction with Cassandra, Shauna and Wesley who are Keepin it real with hip hop moves. Tanssija,- koreografi ja Tanssivan Porvoon.

The performance of Elena Ivanoska at Dance Fest Novi Sad 20where she won the 1st Place in her category. Streetdancen ja hiphopin SM-kilpailut Helsingin kulttuuritalolla. These fab hip hop moves will get you looking good and feeling great.

Hip Hop Weltmeister 2007: Timo und Andy tanzen ihr verdammt geiles Duo!

Mike Rhodes, a backup dancer for Justin Bieber (new tour) takes us a through. Esta es mi primera musica que hago y ojala que os guste. Street artists don’t dance on hip hop music: they fly!

Amazing video recorded in Rome: three great hip hop. Malmin nuorisotalo Tanssi 20Jatkokurssi – Duration: 3:46. Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture.

Here are of the most amazing hip hop routines by some of the best choreographers on. The tracks include a miscellaneous mix of . From contemporary jazz to ballet and hip-hop, these five fresh faces are making their mark on the dance industry and using and .