Fitbit flex 2 review

Fitbit Flex is the first swim-friendly fitness tracker from the company and we can almost hear the collective sigh of relief that we can finally have . Speedo Shine 2Fitbit Flex review: A solid upgrade with added waterproofing but still. Fitbit Flex review: A solid but basic fitness tracker with the added bonus of waterproofing.

The Fitbit Flex is smaller, sleeker, is way more fashionable, but still tracks most of the same stuff, plus swimming. Fitbit’s latest tracker is an upgraded version of its entry-level Flex wearable. Flex is a quality fitness tracker with a competitive price, but it lacks a. Flex the company sent me for review, it frequently .

The Fitbit Flex doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of other trackers, but it’s finally swim-proof, and it does the basics and it does them . The original Flex launched Fitbit as a household wearable, and the Fitbit Flex is poised to put Fitbit back on top once again. The Fitbit Flex is a solid choice for those after something simple, as well as those who are in need of a water-resistant tracker. Fitbit Flex 2: Despite a few annoyances, the Fitbit Flex is a near-perfect affordable fitness tracker. So you can imagine my joy — better yet, you can read it — when Fitbit announced the Flex with water-resistance and swim tracking.

When you get calls and texts, Flex vibrates and the discreet LED display. To help you stay active throughout the day, Flex sends Reminders to Move that .