Deadlift world record

Siirry kohtaan World records – The world record deadlift (using a standard bar and plates but suit, straps and hitching allowed) is 5kg (10 lb) by . Sport › More SportsVälimuistissaKäännä tämä sivu12. World Strongest Man athlete Eddie Hall revealed he nearly died after completing his latest deadlift world record attempt.

Unbelievable 5KG deadlift from Eddie Hall. Eddie Hall smashes previous world record of 465kg that he set earlier that. World record deadlift ‘nearly kills’ Eddie Hall.

Eddie Hall passes out after a record-breaking 500kgs deadlift.

Eddie Hall nearly dies following 500kgs deadlift world record. Just ask Eddie Hall, who on Saturday set a new world record by. Hall smashed his own deadlifting world record of 0pounds, which he set . What you just witnessed is man doing something no one has ever done before hiDeadlift a world-record 500kg, or 102.

What’s better than breaking the world record in the deadlift? Eddie The Beast Hall has been talking about pulling 500kg for a long time and he’d promised it would go down at the 20World Deadlift .

A fitness instructor from Bath is waiting to hear if he has set a new world record for deadlifting. On July Eddie Hall shattered his own world record of 4kilograms at the 20World Deadlift Championship. Superman Eddie Hall has muscled his way into the history books by deadlifting a world record half a ton – but says it almost killed him.

She had lifted nearly three times her weight, shattering, unofficially, the current deadlift world record for women in Winroth’s age and weight . Strongman Eddie Hall etched his name into the history books when he became the first man to strongman deadlift 5kg at the World Deadlift Championships . Less than a year after British strongman Eddie Hall became the first human being in history to deadlift 5kg (110 lbs) at the World Deadlift. Strongman Eddie Hall breaks the Deadlift world record at the 20Arnold Strongman Classic. Benedikt Magnússon just became the most intimidating Icelander with this 1016-pound deadlift. Breaking one world record is pretty impressive, but doing it twice in a day is just.

Here’s Eddie breaking the one-man deadlift world record earlier this year.